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Frequently asked questions

Can I be cleared for airline travel with this test?

A COVID-19 Test Home Collection Kit is the preferred method for many travel requirements. Many destinations require a verified negative test result within a narrow timeframe. We recommend that you reach out to your destination’s government for their specific requirements and timelines before ordering. While we have done everything we can to make the process as quick and easy as possible, please keep in mind that shipping times have been unpredictable recently. If you are concerned that your schedule is too tight to allow for unforeseen delays, we recommend that you check your state health department's website for other testing options. You can find the latest country-specific requirements for international travel at

What should I do if my COVID-19 Test reports come out positive?

We recommend that you follow CDC instructions. If the condition get worsen, immediately seek medical emergency attention.

Will my COVID-19 At-home test kit be covered by insurance?

TrueCare24 is not a healthcare provider nor a laboratory and therefore cannot bill your health insurance directly. However, federal law may require that your insurance provider covers this test. In addition, this product is covered by participating FSA and HSA plans. The test cost is transparent, paid up-front and we will never send you a surprise bill. For every order of our at-home coronavirus test (COVID-19), we will provide you with an automatic itemized receipt via email which you can use for reimbursement purposes from your health insurance provider or health coverage plan. Reimbursement for this test is at the discretion of your provider.

Is COVID-19 test offered in my state?

At-home COVID-19 testing with TrueCare24 is currently accessible in all 50 states and Puerto Rico.

Is this test authorized by the FDA?

Yes. This assay is intended for use under the Food and Drug Administration’s Emergency Use Authorization #200090 authorized on April 10, 2020. These saliva and swab tests and collection devices are FDA-authorized for at-home self-collection under Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) only.